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Here is a list of commonly asked questions. If you want any additional information or have any other questions, don't hesitate to give us a call.
Industry standard states that for every $1000 in cost of repair denotes a weeks worth of work. So if your repairs are around $2000 then you should expect 10 full working days. But in the nature of collision repair each situation is unique. The length of time is dependent on the extent of the damage, availability of parts, and of course, your insurance adjuster’s timeliness. However, we do everything we can to keep your repair time as short as possible.
We are capapble of handling most of your vehicles maintnance service. Here is a list of some of the options available to you while your car is getting repaired. Call for details.
Your dealer may not be your best choice for collision repair. Many of the highest-quality facilities in the area are not affiliated with dealers. Your dealer generally has no unique edge in terms of technology, techniques, or parts availability when it comes to repairing your vehicle after a collision. Rather than automatically returning to your dealer for collision repairs, we encourage you to be a careful shopper when selecting a repair facility. Ask your friends, neighbors, and relatives about the experiences they have had with collision repair facilities, and select the shop you think will provide the highest quality result.
This occurs when the cost of repairs comes close to the ACV (Actual Cash Value) of the vehicle. The cutoff for when a car is a total varies among insurance companies. For instance insurance company “A” may have a cutoff at 75% of the ACV whereas insurance company “B”s cutoff is at 65%.

Our estimates are free, and you may drop in for an estimate anytime during our hours of operation. Estimates take approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending upon the extent of the damage. We also can take a few quick photo’s and email you the estimate if your in a hurry.

If your insurance company is covering the repairs you are only responsible for your deductible, which is payable to SE Collision Center, at the completion of repairs. The insurance company is responsible for all repair expenses above your deductible. It costs you no more to choose the repair facility that provides the highest quality repairs.

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